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Client Armbruster empiric IT
Year 2021-2023
Responsibility UI & DESIGN SYSTEM
TL,DR: Redesign of Eurotime's employee-focused mobile app with a focus on simplicity and efficiency, making it a key selling point and contributor for customer satisfaction; introduction and maintenance of a design system.
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Eurotime is a comprehensive software designed to address all aspects of Human Resources management.

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The application offers extensive customisation options, allowing companies to tailor it to their specific needs and preferences. Eurotime is mainly a desktop application, but the system includes applications for mobile, tablet, and browser.

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The employee-focused mobile app offers functions like time tracking, shift planning and document transfer. Its interface is highly dynamic, varying from one user to another due to the software's adaptability and the presence of multiple authorisation layers for specific functions.

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My initial engagement involved the redesign of existing app screens, focusing on improving usability and visual appeal. The employee app is stylistically detached from the SAP-like desktop application, leaving total freedom to the visual redesign.


The primary objective for this rework was to create a clean and straightforward interface that seamlessly supported the employee's workday, minimising visual clutter.

The client expressed a preference for the Material UI aesthetic, guiding the choice of a restrained color palette consisting of neutral tones and a handful of vibrant colours. These were thoughtfully paired with a simple and unobtrusive geometric sans-serif font.

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The creation of a design system from scratch played a pivotal role in ensuring consistency across the application. This systematic approach streamlined design elements, fostering a cohesive visual identity for Eurotime and significantly facilitating the handover to development.

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Throughout our collaboration, I played a key role in the visual and structural redesign across Eurotime’s diverse applications, as well as in the introduction of new features and the ongoing development and maintenance of the design system. This extended to creating a new logo and various marketing materials. A case study, specifically focusing on the mobile app's login process, was conducted to showcase the changes made. It can be found here:

The impact of these efforts was significant, as the redesigned employee app became a key selling point for the Eurotime system. This transformation not only attracted more customers but also contributed to their satisfaction and retention.


Eurotime is an HR management software focused on hospitality, gastronomy and retail.