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Year 2022
Responsibility BRAND & WEB
TL,DR: Keytec's 2022 brand and website update combines contemporary design with a hint of geekiness, featuring eclectic custom illustrations.
Board the train to Funkytown

In early 2022, Keytec decided it was time for a change: their brand and website were ready to be brought up to speed with contemporary design trends.

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Similarly to their last website, their new online presence should feature various custom illustrations with an eclectic touch, balancing both Keytec’s humorous and professional identity. In order not to be mistaken for a design agency, the new appearance should include a hint of geekiness.

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The first drafts of illustrations featured vintage photographs, bold shapes with noise textures, as well as subtle nods to browser elements. Adding a collection of bright colours, dingbats and outlines, the signature Keytec style took shape. The resulting compositions create an adventurous and surreal, light-hearted atmosphere.


Multiple iterations of web element designs led to a boxmoji-inspired style, drawing inspiration from nostalgic visuals found in Nintendo console interfaces and the first MacOS. This choice solidified the website's presentation within the tech realm. Interactive elements received unconventional shapes and gentle animation to enhance the experience, referencing Keytec’s unique style.

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To anchor the design and maintain cohesiveness amid the various elements, a geometric font was incorporated. This element served the practical purpose of easily conveying information while contributing to the overall aesthetic.

The new website seamlessly blends modern simplicity with the client's unique personality.

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Keytec is a development agency specialized in Drupal websites. Founded in Munich over 20 years ago, they are an active open source contributor in the Drupal community.