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Client Konradin Verlag
Year 2021
Responsibility WEB
TL,DR: German encyclopaedia wissen.de received a clean, easy to read and perfectly responsive redesign, aiding the shift from an early 2000’s appearance to a modern editorial identity.
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wissen.de has been on the internet for more than 20 years, making it a sort of web-grandpa. In 2021, it was time for gramps to go mobile.

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In the preceding years, wissen.de had grown from a mere encyclopaedic website to a diverse knowledge platform, offering a curated variety of media, such as articles, videos, quizzes and photographic collections. This expansion led to a lack of visual consistency across their content, prompting the need for a redesign to streamline and unify the interface. Additionally, usability for mobile users had never been considered, so a responsiveness update was more than overdue.


Addressing not only technical concerns but also the visual aspect, wissen.de sought a transformation into an editorial site, departing from its encyclopaedic look and embracing visuals reminiscent of popular newspaper websites like The Huffington Post and German Spiegel. Throughout this process, the fundamental identity of being a "heritage" website was preserved.


The redesign, completed within a brief 3-month timeframe, focused on enhancing readability and optimizing content display for mobile devices. Special attention was given to ad space inclusion, recognizing the site's heavy reliance on ad revenue.

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The comprehensive update involved introducing a new font combination, subtle adjustments to colors, and the revamping of existing modules to align with the fresh appearance.

This redesign resulted in a clean, easy-to-read and perfectly responsive website with an editorial touch, preserving their heritage identity and ad revenue.

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Founded in 2000, wissen.de is a German encyclopaedia with an estimated 500k visitors per month. Since 2014, it has been part of the Konradin Verlagsgruppe.